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Why work with Kona Associates?

We are focussed on raising the performance on executive teams. Kona only partner with Senior Executives who pass our detailed Kona Executive Assessment and achieve the top 95% results criteria.

Kona Executive Assessment

This process involves a 2 hour competency based interview which will cover the following criteria

 - Psychometric testing 

 - Behavioural mapping

 -  Practical review of the executive’s success and failings

  - Situational review of work experiences

 -  Reaction under pressure

  - Leadership qualities

  - Management style and performance

  - Cultural and motivational profiling

  - Demonstrable track of achievements

All executives are provided with a detailed report of their performance providing recommendations and areas of improvement.

This process ensures that all the candidates in the Kona Associates network are exceptional in their area of specialism. Kona’s performance criteria will ensure you review a maximum of 3 profiles, request 2 executives for interview in order to successfully complete your campaign.

The Client Process

Kona Associates equally complete a detailed assessment of your business to ensure effective executive selection

This will involve an initial meeting to understand the following:

 - Business Strategy and Goals

 - Culture, beliefs, focus

 - Current Leadership structure

  - Key performance criteria

  - Detailed executive profiling

  - Bench marking  of top performing Directors in the business

  - Interview process

What will you receive?

  - Project Campaign brochure

  - Set timescales from the initiation of the process to successful hire

  - Shortlist of 3 Executives with CV and detailed Kona Executive Performance report

  - Weekly management report of the campaign with associated statistics and relevant additional information.

  - Consultation on how to attract the very best talent to your business


This is a proven formula to get the very best people in the market and ensures you will not waste time your time review irrelevant CV’s and can focus on your own business.

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