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Kona Executive Membership

Kona Associates Executive Membership provides the opportunity to meet other professionals within IT, Operations, Finance and Business Change who are working at board or director level. We appreciate that time is extremely precious and you need to know what you receive for your commitment. Kona Associates aim to:



- Immediately develop your network into new companies and contacts

- Provide you with expert opinion within your own industry

- You will have the opportunity to share information and experiences with some of the top performing executives throughout Europe

- Networking events are tailored to specific technologies, industries and executive levels, ensuring you will hear about the latest moves and changes in your sector

- Kona Associates will present the profile of each individual attending the events, you will be given the opportunity to select who you want to meet and we will make the introduction on your behalf.

- We review the benefit of the event to you and can set up additional meetings if it is mutually beneficial to both parties

- Kona Associates can provide you with direct access into target organisations

-  We can offer confidential dialogue for new job opportunities

- We want the process to be enjoyable and hope you can build new friendships and contacts over the coming years.


The Kona Executive Club Membership requires you to pass a competency based interview which will cover the following criteria

  - Psychometric testing

  - Behavioral mapping

  - Practical review of your success and failings

  - Situational review of work experiences

  - Reaction under pressure

  - Leadership qualities

  - Management style and performance

  - Cultural and motivational profiling

  - Demonstrable track record of achievements

This ensures you will be networking with the top performers in your market, in our experience, the initial investment in time will provide you with some excellent feedback. We have found that many executives come away from the process with some great tips on how to improve their profile in market. It will also open the door to like-minded professionals that can really develop your existing network.


If you are interested in the Kona Executive Membership, please e-mail or call 01628 823 760 for an initial consultation.

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